White Guilt Is Psychological Abuse.


The Effects Of Racial Gaslighting.

As folk of European descent we are the constant target of Anti-White Racial Gaslighting -the promotion of collective Racial Guilt among those of Westernkind. Imagine, I ask you, to picture this form of abuse in terms of individuals. Could you imagine it being acceptable for a child to grow up being abused psychologically and made to hate themselves and feel constant soul crushing depression and guilt for merely existing?

Authored by Raymond Foster,
Founder of TAV 

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The Evil Of White Guilt Is Immeasurable.

There is no way to ever quantify the Immense Suffering of our people brought on by the scourge of Anti-Whitism. We can only ever know that countless lives have been needlessly destroyed by the reach of it's tyranny. The Freedom of our people relies on the upholding of White Wellbeing in total Resistance to all forms of Anti-Whitism.

The severe and generational trauma of our folk as a result of this Anti-White abuse will take some time to fully transcend, and put to rest. This is a very sensitive topic for many and we ask all peoples to show utmost respect and care to those of European descent who are Currently Suffering, or overcoming their Trauma, and who are in the process of Healing these Psychological Wounds.

We're Always Here To Listen And Help.

If you are suffering from any form of Anti-White abuse, physical or psychological, or simply wish to learn more about Going Free of White Guilt, or would like to offer to volunteer to help us promote White Wellbeing, contact us directly at: TheAustralianVanguard@protonmail.com and we can pass on further details so that you may speak directly to someone at The Australian Vanguard.

Our Fundamental Focus At The
Australian Vanguard

is the promotion of a grassroots Civil Rights Movement for White Wellbeing. This means -Working Class Aussie Folk and Aussie Families working together to secure their basic Human Rights and respect. The general decency to be afforded civility and fairness for all peoples of European descent. We seek more than anything to help our fellow countrymen Go Free of the Anti-Whitism that has for too long held them down, so that they too, themselves, may become true heroes, and examples of virtue, for their people to look towards and find hope in.

Each individual whom Goes Free of their Anti-White Programming -becomes an illuminating candle of untold promise, which ignites those whom come into contact with it. This contact is within the Spirit of White Wellbeing and Sets One Free of Anti-Whitism.

This is why we here at The Australian Vanguard will only ever ask one thing of anyone interested in assisting our efforts -that you work with us, to let us help you Go Free of Anti-Whitism, and, arm you with the necessary dialects in order to verbally conquer any Anti-White and their argument or position. At most, for those interested, we offer managerial and advisory roles -but still our main focus, even with those individuals interested in those administrative roles, is their personal growth and process of Going Free of all forms of Anti-Whitism. For we know that our folk are always far greater versions of themselves, in all regards, when they are able to finally Go Free.

With Us, With Others, Or On Your Own,

whatever you are personally more comfortable with, we only wish to see you Go Free -and we are here with open arms and hearts overfilled with love if ever you need us.

By Raymond Foster