What is Australia? Who are Real Australians? And why the confusion?


What does it mean; to be 'Aussie'?

The first Prime Minister of Australia, Sir Edmund Barton, said, while speaking at a meeting in the town hall at Adelaide, on the 12th of February, 1901;

"The policy of this Government will be to bring about a white Australia. They will establish such Acts with reference to the influx of Asiatic races, as distinguished from the South Sea Islanders for the moment, as will effectually minimise and speedily put a stop to their introduction. (Cheers.) It seems to be forgotten by some people that I was the person who either moved or seconded - I forget which for the moment - the principal resolution carried at the first great meeting held in Sydney against the influx of Chinese. I have never wavered from that policy since, whether Chinese or any other Asiatic labour was concerned. Then I pass to the Kanakas. I have told you that the policy of the Government is to avoid the destruction of industries. We propose not to destroy the sugar industry - in fact, we are not going to equalize the import and excise duties on it - but we do propose to advance by gradual steps, not taking too long a time, though, to such a point as will put an end to the importation of Kanaka labour. There may be some who would say, demolish and abolish it at once. The answer to that is that those who believe that it is not a good thing for the whole country to suddenly destroy an industry will not take that step, but will be satisfied to see Australia made white under a just, temperate policy, and over a short period of years. That is the policy we will advocate, every industry in Australia is a national possession of Australia. If we deal with black labour in the way I have outlined, it is not because we want to deal harshly with the sugar industry, but it is because there is an interest of Australia, not only of labour, but one largely racial, which demands that there are certain things that must not take too long a time to eradicate. It is Australia we have at heart"

And the second Prime Minister, Alfred Deakin, proclaimed that;

"The unity of Australia is nothing, if that does not imply a united race. Unity of race is an absolute essential to the unity of Australia."


"We here find ourselves touching the profoundest instinct of individual or nation - the instinct of self-preservation. No motive power operated more universally on this continent or on the beautiful island of Tasmania, than the desire that we should be one people; and remain one people without the admixture of other races."

It is clear to anyone versed in Australian History that Australia was intended to be a nation homogeneous of race. Meaning, having a European Super-Majority.
For a long time, Australia was 99% European, predominately British in make up.
This Super-Majority of Europeans, has always been the will of the Australian people.

To be 'Aussie', to be 'an Australian', is to be 'White'.

Edmund Barton and Alfred Deakin

We were never asked.

We were never asked about this mass anti-White immigration which has since the 60's until now, in only 60 years time, shifted our demographics from that of 99%, to a dwindling 70 something %.
In 60 years time, Australia has gone from almost 100%, completely European, to almost only two thirds European.
In around two generations, Australia has gone from European, to two thirds European, and the speed of this demographic shift only continues to hasten.

Certain populations also have higher birthrates than Europeans on average, meaning that even if the anti-White immigration was to cease tomorrow, we would still face a demographic catastrophe as we spiral ever closer to becoming a minority in our own homeland.

We must do our best to raise the native birthrate. I know those who are proudly doing so themselves via the founding and raising of families. You have my respect for doing your part, a most noble and important part, in protecting and serving our people. You have my utmost gratitude, for bringing forth into this world more of our folk to serve and love and strive to create a better future for.

It might sound strange to some.

The idea of becoming a minority - but as time goes on and demographic shifts continue to dwindle down our percentage, the reality of our situation will become ever so clearer and apparent.
Some of us can ignore it now and won't be around long enough to see us become a minority, but many of us will have to live with the consequences and be obligated thus, to do our duty to raise up and preserve our people.

The young folk of today do not have the luxury of age to ride on as a free ticket out of this hellscape being painted before us. We must do our part today, to secure the existence of our people and a future for our children.

What can we do? How can we help serve our people? Firstly, by Going Free. Going Free of anti-Whitism, Free of the artificial stress, and grief, and shame of being White.

Going Free of White Guilt.

Leaning to fully love yourself and be at peace with White Wellbeing.
In this love for our kin, your true potential will blossom.

Let us break the chains of anti-Whitism and Go Free.

Our people live in debt and poverty while our so called leaders laugh their way to the bank.
No longer can we tolerate this injustice.

We, the Australian people, are being replaced by foreigners in our own homeland, and we were never asked if this was okay. Obviously it is not, and the vast majority of us do not wish to be replaced.~
No longer can we tolerate this genocidal degree of immigration.

Our people have been indoctrinated to believe that pride in our own race is immoral, whereas the same for the other races is acceptable.
This hypocritical anti-Whitism must be brought to heel.

This type of anti-Whitism is what allows our people to be silenced into going along with the horrors of forced multiculturalism. Our Victimizers know too well, that if our people our demoralized and dehumanized enough, we will be without unity as a people - and thus, unable to organize as a people to secure our own self-determination and sovereignty. There in lies our solution then, raising the morale of our people. Unifying our people.

In order for our people to work in solidarity for our own interests, our people must have within them, a sense of companionship and identity as a united people. Without this feeling of belonging, being a member within the tribe, there is no incentive, nor any organizing force, to direct individuals in a cohesive manner.

And so, if that which stops our people from comfortably being White positive, and asserting our own sovereign will, is anti-Whitism indoctrinated into our people - our solution surely must be, Freeing our people of anti-Whitism with White Wellbeing.

By serving White Wellbeing, and helping our people to Go Free - we are taking pro-active steps towards securing the existence of our people, and a future for White children.
White Wellbeing is a movement of Love and Redemption. Our people have been abused and psychologically traumatized via a lifetime of anti-White media and propaganda.
It is our duty to our people, to assist them in Going Free from this abuse,

so that they can fully love themselves, and their people.

By Raymond Foster