We need White-Positive Politics, Virtue, and Hope.


I often get asked about my political ambitions: my expectations and so forth.

The general question that plays on the hearts of the men and women of our kin appears to be, in regards to this topic, the following;

"Do you honestly think there is a 'political solution'?"

A 'political solution' necessarily requires a problem that needs solving. This problem being addressed is that of the recent rapid demographic shift in western nations; leading to the erasure of the native European populations, or what we can simply term, White Genocide.

And yes; I honestly think we need as many solutions working in harmony as we can possibly find or innovate.

I find that the second most common question surrounding this idea, is,

"Can we really achieve anything while working 'within the system'?"

"Do you really expect to 'win', playing by 'their rules'?"

I honestly think improvement can be made, or even found, regardless of our circumstances, within or without the establishments economic and social systems. It really comes down to how Virtuous an individual is. That is what determines the potential of their actions to make Just change and bring forth order into a chaotic world.

I am organizing with fellow White-positive folk with the plans to start our own settlements somewhere rural, while at the same time - tackling the political front. For, if we do nothing with politics, then laws will simply be passed enacting legislation which inhibits the success of our paradise we would otherwise build for ourselves.

The anti-White political forces cannot simply be ignored - and must be met head on, with strong and bold White-positive politics.

We must remain conscious enough, so as to not focus our energy, solely on the shadow that has been cast upon our people; but instead, on the light of White Wellbeing which will raise our folk up again, into a new renaissance.

Often I here from people,

"I now understand our situation;
I have woken up to the anti-Whitism of the world,
but what do I do now? What can we do now?"

And to this I say,

You can help by supporting White Wellbeing in every action and deed.

If you want to get active and help spread the message, that would help.

If you want to stay anonymous and simply donate financially, that would help.

If you want to run for local council positions and for parliament, that would help.

If you proudly support healthy and strong families and traditional values,

you are helping.

[Check out this article for more info on how to support White Wellbeing:

In each moment;

your aversion to all forms of anti-Whitism, and, your assertion of White Wellbeing, brings us closer, step by step, to a world in which our people can live free, unburdened by anti-Whitism, as we seek peaceful self-determination.

It may seem harrowing at times; in the acceptance of our circumstances. Though we must never let ourselves become overrun by the negativity of self-defeat and despair, for;

One loud, 'no' ; alone; is drowned out, by the noise of modernity.

But if we all, stand, together: and; but whisper, 'no'.

That 'no' ; will echo,



By Raymond Foster