This is White Erasure.


[ Anti-Australian Company 'Koala' pushes abusive erasure of Australian Culture. ]

Antiwhites promote White Erasure.

Antiwhites will often try to say that they just want to promote equality and counter 'racism' and 'discrimination', yet only use this excuse to push their true Antiwhite Anti-Australian Agenda. Antiwhites show their hand and true intentions, when they attack Australian Culture & Values attempting to Deconstruct and Erase.

Authored by Raymond Foster,
Founder of TAV 

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[ Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees by Bob Brown ]

Australian's of all backgrounds need to work together to End Antiwhite Erasure.

We, the Australian people, must stand united

to hold off the Destruction of Antiwhite Anti-Australians like the company 'Koala' who seek to completely Erase not only White Australian Culture and Heritage, but also Aboriginal Culture and Heritage while they are at it. Just recently Antiwhite Foreign Investors pushed for a new highway to be developed between Melbourne and Adelaide. This Antiwhite Multicultural Colonisation and Erasure led to the cutting down of Sacred Aboriginal Birthing Trees.

This could only happened because of Antiwhite Anti-Australian Multiculturalism & Mass Immigration.

[ Antiwhitism Destroys Aboriginal Culture | Raymond Foster ]

It's time we put an End to Antiwhitism,

[ Vote with your dollar and boycott Antiwhite Anti-Australian Companies like 'Koala'. ]

And most Aussies agree!

By Raymond Foster