The Struggle Against Anti-Whitism.


Why Should We Focus On Beating Anti-Whitism?

The importance of overcoming Anti-Whitism is perhaps not at first obvious to all, but after careful consideration we can see that it is indeed paramount. For, when one begins to Go Free of their Anti-Whitism, they too begin to naturally grow more and more independent in their endeavours towards true White Wellbeing.

Authored by Raymond Foster,
Founder of TAV 

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Find Your Purpose And Meaning.

Your worth surpasses far beyond that which you could ever imagine as a member of Westernkind. But in a repressed state of self defeat -and under the influence of different forms of Anti-Whitism like White Guilt -you are unable to truly live up to your fullest potential.

You or someone you love and know closely, could be that next great inventor or writer, or musician or scientist. But if you or them, are hindered and beaten down by Anti-Whitism, your potential will never be realized. It is in Going Free of Anti-Whitism and stepping into White Wellbeing, that we are able to fully accept ourselves and begin to work towards the betterment of ourselves, our communities, nations and peoples.

Your First Steps In Going Free

are Your First Steps into a New and Exciting Life of Joy, Peace, and Fulfillment. Join with the countless others of our folk who are coming over to White Wellbeing and embracing more White Positive attitudes and lifestyles. It's about time we put an end to the Anti-White Hate and Discrimination and stood together to Uphold Our Sovereignty as a People.

White Interests are Your Interests as a member of Westernkind. But in order for our folk to Put Their Own Interests First -we must assist and guide them through their own process of Going Free. Each individual who starts on this Journey of White Wellbeing and Going Free -is a ripple in the fabric of being which echoes out into Eternity. Each one -a Drop In The Bucket of White Wellbeing -which replenishes the Spirit of Westernkind.

By Raymond Foster