Thank Globalism for the Coronavirus.


That's Right - Globalists Caused This.

This is solely the fault of 'Diversity' and 'Multiculturalism'. If we had a True Spirit of Nationalism, instead of this current, backwards system, of Consumerist Globalism, we wouldn't even have the 2019 Novel Coronavirus within Australia to worry about. There would be no problem whatsoever if we simply had Aussie First leaders, whom actually cared about their people and nation. 

But that which is important to a Globalist is not the health and wellbeing of you, nor your country. The only thing a Globalist cares about, is their bottom dollar - their interest earned and costs cut.

You and I, we are nothing but numbers, cogs to be cranked in their Globalist machines of profit and greed. "A Virus Pandemic here? A Genocide there? Oh well, these things must happen" - says the Globalist. 
"All in a days work in the pursuit of Globalism."

"A Virus Pandemic here? A Genocide there? Oh well, these things must happen" - says the Globalist.
"All in a days work in the pursuit of Globalism."

Globalists Have Blood On Their Hands!

All people whom advocate for, and condone the ideology of Globalism, in all of it's numerous forms of expression are personally responsible for this Coronavirus outbreak. From those who support Mass Immigration, to those whom oppose Racial Purity.

Unsurprisingly, we can already see that these very same Globalists - they themselves whom caused this Pandemic - are starting to insist that the solution, to the problem, that they created, is to restrict our freedom of movement and activity.

This is the Globalists forte. Create a problem - Let it loose on a folk - Then offer their Enslavement as the solution. A transaction of Freedom, for Imagined Security.

Now - obviously the only Real Solution, to this Pandemic - is Nationalism.

Not a Removal of Our Rights and Freedoms - Not More Rules to Follow.
The Only Thing that is going to Protect Us - is True Nationalism.

Globalism vs Nationalism Explained

And The Globalist Danger Continues.

Not only are Globalists directly responsible for the Coronavirus outbreak - due to their ideology of Free Trade of Goods and the Free Movement of Peoples - which actually caused the virus to spread, but these same Globalists are the anti-Whites who want to use their Globalism to Genocide all White people on earth. They call this, 'Ending Whiteness'.

Again - Globalists actually openly promote the genocide of All Peoples on earth - blending them into 'One Human Race'. Although they mostly focus on White Genocide for now - as the biggest Defense Against Globalism in the world today - are White Nationalists who are willing to stand up for what is right, and resit at all odds, the Evil of Globalism.

Your Folk, Ethnicity Or Race - Your Nation Is Your Extended Family.

No one else on earth cares for you as your own people do. This is one of the tricks and lies of Globalists - to convince you that all peoples, even people from other races, care about you and your worth, the same as they care about their own people. They don't.

We all put our own first. You love most your own children. The Globalists want you to believe that Everyone and Anyone loves your children - just the same as you do. So it doesn't matter if your young and vulnerable daughter, is taken away by some strange, foreign, untrustworthy looking old man.

The Globalists say "You Must let your Daughter be taken - the strange old man surely loves your child, just the same as you do...
What is there to worry about? You aren't a 'Racist' are you? Let the old man take your daughter."

And Nationalists say, "That is obviously madness - of course parents love their own child more than complete strangers, and of course people are loved the most, by their own race." "Look after your daughters and distrust anyone who tells you otherwise. In the same way - look after your People and Country - distrust any and all who suggest otherwise;

for without your Race - without your Folk - you are nobody and nothing anywhere - to anyone...

By Raymond Foster