Poster Found Inciting Violence Against Raymond Foster.


[ Image provided via concerned citizen. ]

This is a perfect example of How Antiwhites Use Slander.

Antiwhites who would love to see me harmed have gone out of their way to make a Poster which Personally Targets myself and labels me with the most commonly used Antiwhite Slur, the R Word. This is all in the efforts to dehumanize me and thus lead to my harm. Essentially it's an incitement of violence and abuse.

Authored by Raymond Foster,
Founder of TAV 

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I am obviously a well intentioned individual who seeks to advocate for the Wellbeing of my people.

And so, without any argument against me or my good intentions, without anything rational to say, Antiwhites resort to attempts of belittlement and slander with the use of Antiwhite Slurs.

Most people know and agree with what the word Racist means, and look down upon such behaviour. Even I find ill treatment on the basis of race etc to be distasteful and immoral. And this is why the Antiwhites try to brandish those who they disagree with, their political opponents, folk like me, with such terms. As this is their attempt to discredit and Ridicule their opposition instead of having honest and public debate transparent for all to see.

Slander is a trick of a deceiver and one who fears public transparency.

They cannot confront someone like myself in a civil debate like an adult, so they instead incite violence against me in order to silence my voice which counters their own with Logic, Reason and Compassion. 

So remember this folks, 

UnAustralian Antiwhites will attempt to slander you if your assert your own Wellbeing as an Aussie.

And, the word 'Racist', when used to slander White People, is nothing more than an Antiwhite Slur.

By Raymond Foster