Not Becoming The Boogeyman.


Not Becoming The 'Bad Guy' Our Victimizes Try To Paint Us As.

All of us here at The Australian Vanguard understand well why we do what we do -we love our folk and nation. We honour our Founding Fathers, the men and women who settled and maintained our great western colonies here down-under, and the wise men who federated our glorious commonwealth in order to protect our White Australia. We honour dearly those valiant Aussie Diggers who gave their lives and fellow countrymen for this White Australia, for our sake.

Authored by Raymond Foster,
Founder of TAV 

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We Know Why We Fight.

We fight for love. We know too well our conviction to our people -made evident by the inherent devotion emanating from our crimson thread of kinship, but we understand that many young Aussies are growing frustrated with today's BS and are thus seeking some type of space to breathe beyond the suffocation of modern PC culture.

The following -are two examples of where I see many of our folk fall victim to making themselves into the stereotypical 'Bad Guy' concerned with White Interests. Along with these two examples are some of my reasoning against such action -as well as preferred alternatives.

Accepting[or Rejecting] the label "Racist"

  1. Rejecting the label is useless as it allows your interlocutor to remain within their own frame. Instead you want to assert your own frame by simply labeling the person calling you "Racist", "Anti-White".
  2. Accepting the label is perhaps even worse because not only does it also allow your interlocutor to remain within their own frame instead of asserting your own frame by calling them "Anti-White";
  3. "Racist" along with other Anti-White slurs like it, are designed to De-Humanize us of European descent -making the ethnic erasure of our folk justified in the minds of Anti-Whites. Never accept[or reject] the label "Racist".
  4. The only reason anyone has ever given me as to why they accept[or reject] the label "Racist", is their own satisfaction and sense of relief from doing so. No thought of their people or why the label is dangerous and harmful to White Wellbeing. Serve White Wellbeing by always calling those using Anti-White racial slurs, what they are; Anti-Whites.

Excluding non-Whites from supporting White Wellbeing

  1. It doesn't matter what race you are or the race of your partner, your children, or your friends -as long as you support White Wellbeing -we welcome you.
  2. White Wellbeing is about the Wellbeing of those of European descent, it is not about the behaviour of non-Whites, nor the superiority or inferiority of any group over any other. It is not about the migration of peoples nor their repatriation. White Wellbeing arises only from the purity of love for one's own race.
  3. White Wellbeing is the Wellbeing of folk of European descent, although, White Wellbeing is Universal in nature, in that it can be applied to all peoples simultaneously[Asian Wellbeing; Black Wellbeing etc].
  4. There is nothing stopping non-Whites from supporting White Wellbeing; and nothing stopping Whites from supporting non-White Wellbeing. We can all work in peace together to ultimately benefit our own.

Support White Wellbeing and love your folk -while trying to remember to remain aware of the ways in which you could be slandered and misinterpreted, as the classic White-Positive Hollywood 'Bad Guy'.
Support White Wellbeing in a way that allows you to Transcend such Anti-White Perversions of Truth.

By Raymond Foster