Immigration between 2000-2019 cost Aussies $542.5bil?


Do you feel like your taxes are being used responsibly?

I don't.

Based on studies from the USA on the cost of immigrants, using the equivalent cost in Australia, for immigration between 2000-2019 would be an astonishing total of $542,500,000,000($542.5bil).

Which averages out to about $28,552,631,578.9 every year($28.5bil per annum).

Yet, between 2016 to now, in just three years, we would have spent roughly $70,000,000,000 every year($70bil per annum) on immigration - which clearly illustrates the sharp increase in recent years of immigration into Australia.

From $28.5bil per annum to $70bil per annum.

So right now - we are, based on these studies, assuming we give our immigrants the same treatment as America does theirs, spending a total of $70 billion every single year.
$70 billion every single year on the immigration, of mostly non-European folk, from cultures and traditions, and religions, antithetical to our own.

What about our Aussie Farmers?

$70bil a year for immigrants;
Let's compare that to the 'Drought Aid' for our Struggling Aussie Farmers and their families, shall we?

Let's take a look at the government's $5bil 'Future Drought Fund', which passed the parliament in July. 

What is the $5bil 'Future Drought Fund' being spent on?

Nothing as yet.

The funds will begin to be distributed from the 1st of July next year, with a measly, downright pathetic, $100 million being allocated each year to support all Australian farmers and communities, like crumbs being thrown at the feet of peasants, merely in order to shut them up.

We all know this isn't enough to really help our struggling folk and their families - who have been the backbone and foundation of our nation for generations.
This is an utter disgrace to our people and nation, an attack on Australia which saddens my heart and which brings shame over us all.

$70bil a year for immigrants - but only $100mil a year for Aussie Farmers.

$70bil for the non-compatible, hostile immigrants destroying our nation - And $0.1bil for the Men, Women, their Families and Communities, who have sacrificed their blood sweat and tears, to maintain and uphold our people and nation for hundreds of years...

This is outrageous! How can anyone justify spending 700x more on Immigrants than our Farmers!?

Big money is being funneled and spent to implement our ethnic erasure.

Certain entities, individuals, and specific groups, are consciously orchestrating our destruction with their influence gained via usury, banking and buying out our politicians and judicial system. Those responsible for this act of willful and meditated genocide under international law must be tried and prosecuted for this insidious and unforgivable Crime Against Humanity.

By Raymond Foster