Curing our Anti-White Meme Pathogens - Going Free.


We must learn to Go Free of anti-Whitism.

Anti-White meme pathogens are the anti-White ideas and thought patterns instilled into us from birth. Letting go of, and curing these meme pathogens, or MP's, is the process of Going Free. Going Free helps us to become who we were born to be. So many of our people have been infected with the sickness of anti-Whitism, and it's effects are present and visible all around us in the decline of once pristine, European high cultures and societies.

The same spirit of Westernkind which brought forth the greatness of our ancestors past dwells within every individual of European descent. We only need Go Free, and cure our meme pathogens so as to express our true potential as a member of Westernkind.

An example of an anti-White meme pathogen, could be,

"Whites should feel guilty for taking the lands of natives."

To this I would suggest the meme curative as follows,

"That is just anti-Whitism. I and my kin, alive today are not responsible for the actions of others, hundreds of years ago."

Another could be,

"We are a multicultural nation." Or, "We are a nation of immigrants."

And it's curative,

"That is an anti-White lie meant to justify the erasure of Westernkind. We are a nation of European settlers, predominately British."

And, another anti-White meme pathogen could be,

"'These' or 'those' non-Whites are only achieving less than Whites because Whites are oppressing them."

A possible curative being,

"Oh please, be realistic. If Whites had the power to oppress anyone, do you really think, the entire establishment, media and all, would shout us down with anti-White slurs like 'racist' for simply loving our own people?"

Another common meme pathogen, usually in response to stating or implying that you love the White race - and are White yourself, is,

"If you love Whites more than others, that makes you racist!"

The simple meme curative for this MP is,

"That is anti-White nonsense, loving your people is like loving your children. You do not have to be against anyone else's children in order to love most and first your own."

This same meme curative can be used in many ways, for example,

"Having pride in your race is like being proud of your own children. You do not have to be against anyone else's children to be proud of your own."

These are but a few examples of the many curatives for anti-Whitism.

Continue to Go Free and grow in the Light of White Wellbeing. Being White Positive, and comfortable to be so, is your birth right as an individual of European descent, let nothing stop you in your path of love and compassion in service to White Wellbeing.

As you yourself begin to Go Free of the anti-White meme pathogens, so too, do those around you as your Light of Racial Awareness shines out and ignites in the hearts of others.

Let yourself be a Light unto your people, and stand firm against all forms of anti-Whitism.

By Raymond Foster