The Advocacy of White Identity.


Advocating a Healthy White Identity?

The vision of The Australian Vanguard, is to provide the infrastructure, tools, education, and collaboration, which will aid our folk in Going Free.
I have, not for the first time, but recently, been asked how best one ought go about advocating a healthy White Identity. And so, I thought I would address this topic if only briefly. Though it be brief, let not yourself conclude, that it be lacking in substance.

Authored by Raymond Foster,
Founder of TAV 

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Firstly, To Be As Broad As Possible,

the essence of how we best serve our folk, and thus promote healthy racial awareness, is that of Going Free. For, it is in Going Free that one is truly liberated from the binds of the Anti-White Programming which represses their natural and instinctual expression of ethnocentrism. Being Free of Anti-Whitism, a member of Westernkind intuitively serves their own interests, the interests of Westernkind.

This is not to say that some form of Hierarchy and System of Guidance is not also necessary for the Orderly Structure of any given endeavour, yet only that what is first fundamental, is the personal and individual liberation of each participatory member.

Now, To Be Somewhat More Specific,

a first step one can take, is the journey of overcoming their Anti-White Programming and Trauma  which arises as such phenomena as White Guilt. For this initial process, I advocate and offer, instruction in the study of what I refer to as the White Wellbeing Lexicon.

This addition to one's vocabulary, is essentially a Tool Set which enables it's wielder to effectively combat, and dialectically dominate, any potential Anti-White interlocutor -not excluding internal dialogue and debate as when dealing with one's own Anti-White Programming.

Another Practice That I Strongly Advocate 

and offer guidance in, is the distribution of White Positive Resources among everyday folk. Not only does this help to bring White Wellbeing to your folk, but this also aids in one's own self development via the gaining of confidence, as interactions with members of the public for the most part, entail mutual respect and support -such a one grows and develops deep and fundamental aspects of their character, which are nurtured by the very taking up of such a responsibility of duty.

Frequent interactions of mutual love and respect with your folk on the grounds of Racial Solidarity and Sovereignty -also give an Advocate a profound and tangible sense of meaning and worth, and thus, works wonders for one's own Wellbeing by assisting greatly in the removal of deeply rooted Anti-White Poisons within the depths of one's psyche.

If It's Not In Your Nature

to interact directly and face to face with numerous unknown members of your community -you are still able to do Letter Box Drops and even just share content online in order to spread White Wellbeing far and wide among your folk, without ever having to feel out of your depth and unnecessarily uncomfortable.

There is no less Glory nor Honour in such an action, for, it springs forth from an equally measured Love of Kin. Each of us has our place, and some truly useful and practical duty which is our gift we have to offer up for our folk. Never let anyone tell you that you aren't good enough, for, 'only the fool judges the fish poorly, for not being able to climb a tree as good as the monkey'.

Fundamentally -as long as we are trying our hardest to keep moving forward, each day, working to better ourselves, while helping to bring White Wellbeing to those of our folk who need us most in these harrowing times, we are doing our best to serve our folk, and the successful promotion of a healthy White Identity.

Be proud Westman, and Westwoman - for we are Proud of YOU.

By Raymond Foster