A Question Of National Security.


Is The #ChinaVirus Exposing Treason?

Recently there has been talk among the Australian people and even some Ministers, about the legitimate concern of Foreign Investment, and Ownership within Australia. This topic has always been dear to the hearts of millions of ordinary Aussies -and has now only been exacerbated by the current pandemic.

Authored by Raymond Foster,
Founder of TAV 

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No Choice But To Face Reality.

Over the past few decades we have seen the constant push for the acceptance of unsupported and irrational, emotion driven arguments and positions within our academic institutions. This has rippled out into the Psyche of the Masses, the Mind of the People -and has taken root to some degree in a small but loud minority of our people.

As we can see with this recent viral outbreak, when we are forced to deal with the harsh truths of reality, as they are -there is no longer any noise or apparent concern regarding so many of the nonsensical, yet common, PC tropes.

No one is worrying about how many genders there are. Nor do they care if demanding closed borders, sees them slandered as a 'Racist'. Climate Emergency, and the End Of The World in 12 Years! That got really irrelevant really quick. Folk have only that in mind which counts, accepting reality as it is and working with it in order to protect their own families and loved ones.

This is All That We Advocate For at The Australian Vanguard;

"accepting reality as it is and working with it in order to protect [our] families and loved ones."

2020-2030: The Decade "Made In Australia".

In this current situation, with our people Needlessly Suffering, and Tragically Being Killed by this virus -brought to us by Anti-White Globalism and Made In China, we see clearer than ever before the dire necessity for the Re-Industrialisation of Australia. We cannot trust any other nation to the Wellbeing of our Folk. We alone must defend our National Security by becoming independent and sovereign in our economic needs and pursuits.

We cannot sit by and allow other nations and nationals to buy up our agricultural lands, waterways, our ports and other essential industries. This truth is more apparent now than ever before.

The Australian people are standing up and speaking as one voice -and we Demand Justice!

By Raymond Foster