Core Policies

"Ceasing and Reversing The Planned Genocide of the Australian People."

End White Genocide

1. Cease all non-European Immigration;

Reverse Demographics

1. Raise the Native Birth-Rate;

2. Initiate Voluntary Repatriation;

Policies Cont.

"Securing the Future and Freedom of Australia for all Australian Children."

Ensure Australia Retains Full Independence

1. The Establishment of a 'Legally Protected Australian Ethnostate';

2. Absolute Freedom of Speech, Association and Belief;

3. Private Property;

4. Ending Usury with a 'Not-For-Profit Government Bank';

5. Right to Own Firearms and Use Them in Self Defence;

6. Welfare Only for Citizens;

7. Repudiation of Coercive International Treaties;

8. A Bold Aussie First Foreign Policy;

9. Maintaining a Capable, Well-Resourced Military;

10. Strong Support for Our Veterans;

11. Support for an Aboriginal Ethnostate;

Rebuild Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Agricultural Industries

1. Australian Ownership of Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Agriculture;

2. Subsidize Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Agricultural Industries;

3. Widely Distributed Ownership of the Means of Production;

4. Distribution and Exchange through Owner Operated Farms, Small Business and Co-Operatives;

5. Collective Bargaining in Agriculture and Industry;

6. Orderly Marketing of Agricultural Products;

7. Develop Waterways to Drought-Proof Rural and Regional Communities;

8. New Infrastructure and the Re-Industrialization of Australia;

9. Fair Taxation that Encourages Productivity, Saving and Hard Work;

10. Protect the Environment by Utilising Permaculture Design;

Introduce Citizen's Initiated Referenda and Voluntary Voting

1. Introduce Citizen's Initiated Referenda;

2. Introduce Voluntary Voting;

Protect and Promote Traditional Family Values

1. Uphold Christian Values and Traditions;

2. Protect Christian Freedom of Speech and Religious Expression;

3. Recognise Marriage as Only, the Union of A Man and A Woman;

4. Recognise The Sanctity of Human Life at All Ages;

Democratise Other Policy Issues

All other Policies are matters of Free Conscience

~ Raymond Foster


Racial Consciousness - Community Building - White Wellbeing