The Australian Vanguard

Racial Consciousness - Community Building - White Wellbeing

"Anyone of any race or background from anywhere in the world, who supports White Wellbeing within Australia, is welcome to join/work alongside TAV.
¬ We are NOT an exclusive 'White Only' Movement.
¬ We ARE an inclusive 'White Wellbeing' Movement.
Thus all individuals are welcome as long as they support White Wellbeing, and A True Equality - in which even those of European Descent, are recognized and respected for their unique and beautiful ethnic expression, and protected so as to maintain it."

~ Raymond Foster 


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The Australian Vanguard does not promote nor condone violence of any kind, nor any other form of illegality. We seek only to advocate for White Wellbeing - the Wellbeing of our folk. And come only from a place of Love.